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Peace and all good to you from the friars of the Order of Saint Francis! We hope that you find this site informative and helpful. If you do not find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us with your questions.

The Order of Saint Francis (OSF) is an active, Apostolic Christian religious order within the Anglican Communion, in communion with the See of Canterbury. Rather than living in an enclosed communal setting, OSF Brothers live independently in different parts of the world, with ministries based on the needs of their local communities. Members are baptized men who have been confirmed within the Anglican Communion, and who  voluntarily  commit  to  live by a set of professed vows for a term of years or for life.

To get a better understanding of who we are, please visit the 'Vocation' and 'Brothers' pages.

Supporting Mission Trip Puerto Rico

Several of the brothers are planning to go down to Puerto Rico and assist the diocese with their continuing cleanup efforts from last year's hurricane. 

To help raise money for the trip nearly 90 people celebrated Pentecost today at St James Episcopal Church at our fundraising luncheon to benefit the mission trip to Puerto Rico this August. Many, many thanks to all of those who worked tirelessly behind the scenes!

The Power of Love

The Right Reverend Michael Curry

2018 Franciscan Common Ground
-Br Luis

I had the privilege to participate in Franciscan Common Ground. This is a one-day conference on Migration and Immigration where members of the Franciscan Family and their partners in ministry gather for a dialogue to firm up a collective call-to-action to these controversial issues. 

As a Latino Immigrant and a Franciscan these are issues I feel particularly called to offer my hands, my feet and my heart.


"Through the Franciscan Common Ground, we hope to develop mutual support among migrant/immigration advocates within the Franciscan Family, through the exchange of experiences and stories of struggles and successes in promoting the rights and welfare of the poor migrants and immigrants.

Through this gathering of the Franciscan Family and their partners in ministry at the Franciscan Common Ground, we hope to forge a network of information and support of migrant and immigrant advocates."

And so we did. We had a number of speakers that shared their experiences on Migration, particularly those who are undocumented themselves. It was powerful to listen to them, their struggles and their fears and dreams. We also had a time to go over all the policy changes in immigration that the new administration has made and its negative effects for immigrant families and the country. The main speaker was Fr. David Couturier, OFM Cap.,Executive Director of the Franciscan Institute at St. Bonaventure University, with a conference called "Finding a Franciscan Voice to Migration"

Tangentially, I had the opportunity to meet part of the Executive team of Franciscan Action Network (a grassroots organization amplifying the justice efforts of Franciscans and Franciscan-hearted people around the country). I joined the Franciscan Solidarity Table of NYC and also inquired about the requirements to join as an institutional partner. it would be a dream come true for many brothers if the OSF could join.  The SSF, TSSF, Lutheran Franciscans and Ecumenical Franciscans are members already. 

I came out of the conference emboldened, excited and all around joyful of my calling to follow Jesus in the footsteps of Saint Francis, as I walk next to my immigrant sisters and brothers. 

2018 CAROA/NAECC Annual Meeting

Br. Kevin Crinks, OSF and Br. David Rutledge, OSF attended the CAROA/NAECC conference at Saint John's Convent in Toronto, Canada April 16-21, 2018.  

CAROA is the Council of Anglican Religious Orders in the Americans and NAECC is the National Association of Episcopal Christian Communities. The two groups meet annually to have workshops, share information, networking, fellowship and worship.  This year there were over 40 religious communities represented, including 5 different Franciscan Orders present which were the Order of Saint Francis (OSF), Society of Saint Francis (SSF), Community of Saint Francis (CSF), Little Sisters of Saint Clare (LSSC) and the Third Order of the Society of Saint Francis (TSSF).  

March For Our Lives - March 24, 2018

  • Br Scotland in Charlotte
    Br Scotland in Charlotte
  • Br Chris in New York
    Br Chris in New York
  • Br Frank in Tacoma
    Br Frank in Tacoma
  • Br Joe in Seattle
    Br Joe in Seattle
  • Br Paul in Seattle
    Br Paul in Seattle
  • Br Scotland in Charlotte
    Br Scotland in Charlotte
  • Br David, Lancaster County, PA
    Br David, Lancaster County, PA
Br Scotland in Charlotte
Br Scotland in Charlotte

Standing with Puerto Rico